Glasgow Badminton Academy

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Performance group is for players who are regularly competing on the junior circuit in Scotland, England and abroad. The aim of this squad is to provide a platform for further high quality training alongside Badminton Scotland Regional Performance Squads that run around Scotland for the top players.  This is for players looking to push the boundaries on what they can achieve in the support and are dedicated to continual improvement in all aspects of the game.
Our coaching team provides a wealth of experience to take these players to the next level. Paddy has represented Scotland at 2 Commonwealth Games in doubles Kieran has represented Scotland at 3 Commonwealth games in singles.

Our Performance Group is led by Head Coach Paddy MacHugh and Head of Performance, Kieran Merrilees.


The Advanced team is mainly led by our head coach, Patrick MacHugh, supported by our very own team of coaches. Our group of 12 players are regularly under intense training, not only to focus on the quality of their badminton skills but their cardio and mentality within any competitive setting. We strongly believe that a player’s fitness and wellbeing is just as important as their technique, which is what we aim to focus on with our young players to help them become the very best within the badminton scene.


The Intermediate group is the step above Junior and the class below Advanced. Training is often led by our two lead coaches, Scott Waddell and Diana Koleva, and our team of assistant coaches. The group mostly consists of 23 individuals full of potential and talent, eager to learn more and aim for a place in the Advanced team. 


After the Advanced and Intermediate team wrap up for the day, between the hours of 1230pm to 1400pm on Sunday, our final group of 40 youngsters are also taught by our two lead coaches, Scott and Diana. With a wide range of ability and skill level amongst the group, our junior class focuses on developing basic badminton techniques while implementing the element of fun.